Monday, July 6, 2009

The testimonials are rolling in...

As we roll into summertime and run from the hamburger and hotdog calories, thank heavens for Xtend and its result oriented program. These testimonials just came in from South Tampa Pilates and Avenue Pilates who have recently begun to license our program. Sharing these thoughts with you is an honor and it is with pride that we congratulate the students that partake in Xtend at each of their studios. Cheers to your new bodies...

Hi Andrea,
Everything is going so well-Thank you! This has really put a boost into our "summertime" morale.We are very happy to have Xtend as part of our studio. The Xtend workout is amazing! Bringing Xtend to Avenue Pilates is one of the best decisions I have ever made. The clients love the workout and they are getting fantastic results." Avenue Pilates

Xtend is the m
ost organized, most well thought out program out there for Pilates studio owners. Her video support is amazing! She's so on it, so easy to work with. I knew the system was high quality, but how easy she's made everything is beyond words. Her training manual is so much nicer, being able to go online and log in and throw out questions to other teachers is a bonus. She's going to blow everyone away in the market! South Tampa Pilates.

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