Thursday, May 28, 2009

OK, Xtend Instructors across the U.S. let's chat!

The NEW Xtend online forum has been set up and we're ready to send you private messages, announcements and open conversation up for anything that's on your mind. We're now making friends in NJ, NY, New Orleans and FL. For aspiring Xtend instructors, this is a safe haven for you to communicate with our instructors that are seeing major results from this program. For existing instructors, this is your immediate solution to conversing with others across the U.S., to exchange ideas, publicity thoughts, marketing Xtend and more.

Enjoy our new VIP members only area for licensees and start reaping the rewards of our cutting-edge vibe and friendly atmosphere.

Thursday, May 21, 2009

Xtend Is Making News... Yet Again

Andrea Rogers proves to this newscaster that he can do Xtend too! If you haven't checked out our Pro-Golfer's testimonial, "Andrea Rogers and Xtend helped me increase my core strength, overall flexibility and stamina, vital elements for any professional golfer. (Alexander M. Iguchi, PGA) -you must check out this newscast. The local news stations really love the Xtend workout. This man proves that you can even practice your Xtend with a chair. Check it out here.


Andrea Rogers is headed to NYC to kick it up with Rockette Experience Director, Judi Ludovico and Pilates-maven and APOGEE Co-Director, Stacy Ciaravella. She’s setting her sights high for a successful Big Apple Trip. If you’re in the area and want to license this program, hurry and email her. We may have time to fit you into our schedule. If not, we look forward to speaking with you soon. BTW…have you seen our results page? WOW, this is definitely the summer workout to get you bikini ready in no time!

Thursday, May 14, 2009

Press, press and MORE press

New Orleans Studio, Nola Pilates, heats up the beginning of summer with a hot press story on Xtend. Teachers, if you’re reading this, get excited about the benefits that Xtend can bring to your facility. Women are shaping up and feeling better than they did-even when they were back in college years. How? Xtend is an intense workout; hands down. Women get the ability to have a little bit of cardio mixed in with their Pilates routine, with a touch of dance. The news anchors in New Orleans certainly enjoyed this story. Medical Experts had this to say:

"... Body fat is on the surface and it also is within the muscle. But if you lose muscle fat then you have leaner muscle," said Dr. Kim Edward LeBlanc, the head of Family Medicine at LSU Health Sciences Center. And while there is no science about physically making a muscle longer, Xtend is doing something good for the muscle and entire body.

Wow! If you’re currently an Xtender, are you so excited to go to class today after reading this? And if you’re ready for a possible licensee program, or if you’re currently holding a license, get ready for a hot summer, take advantage of your sample press release from our website and work your magic!

Monday, May 11, 2009

Live testimonials from new clients

Xtend opened up shop in the hip and happenin' town of Hoboken, NJ this April and owner, Danielle Buccellato hosted her first class with over 18 interested participants. (Today, she has a wait list and classes are booked every week!)

The testimonials shown in this clip are taken directly after the first Renaissance Pilates studio class when Andrea came in to teach a Master session. Participants ranged from instructors to enthusiasts and even former dancers. The proof is told that the results experienced after their first Xtend class include feeling taller, energized to go out clubbing, feeling inspired like a dancer and ready to include Xtend in their regular Pilates schedule.

If you're looking for a reason to fit into that bikini and feel confident this summer, listen to these Xtend testimonials and find your way to a class near you:

Sunday, May 10, 2009

A Mother's Day story that "fits" the mold

It's Mother's day and we've got a spectacular story to share. Laura Hollander, active Xtender and proud mother of an 11 year old and an 8 year old was so cool on this day (May 10, 2009) she was written up her local online news hub. Her recent addictions include Pilates, Xtend and the upcoming launch of a fitness drink. Look out momprenuer's everywhere-Laura's coming to town and she's on top of her game. In her article, she praised Andrea Rogers and her ability to create the Xtend program which is perfect for active women who can take just a few classes a week, stay fabulously fit in shape, launch a business and be a mom of two. She also added the importance of strengthening the mind/body connection-which Xtend certainly delivers.

Happy Mother's Day to mom Xtenders across the U.S. and cheers to Laura on her upcoming energy drink and mom-bility to do it all. For the full story, click here:,0,1451210.story

Monday, May 4, 2009

Pilates of Boca Xtends a Welcome to Andrea Rogers

The owners of Pilates of Boca East and West have more than expressed grattitude and excitement for the addition of Xtend at their studios. Starting this May, students are going to be able to take this fitness regime and love their bodies even more. But, don't take it from us, the owners have spoken...

"Xtend Workout is a fantastic complement to the Pilates method. Our clients love the variety offered by Xtend. There are hundreds of exercises offering a total body workout so clients never get bored. Pilates of Boca is fortunate to have exclusive rights to the Xtend brand in Boca Raton. It has given a huge boost to our business and reputation." -Stafenie Ellis , Owner of Pilates of Boca

"Pilates of Boca is proud to be part of the Xtend family. Xtend classes have increased sales and client base. Andrea is a pleasure to work with and we wish her great success." Joni Goldberg - Owner of Pilates of Boca