Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Bumpin' n Grindin' w/ Lil Kim

The results are in. Hurry and visit this site. Andrea Rogers, featured performer and fitness mogul on the NEW Dance Your Body Thin DVD from 10 Minute Solution, is empowering the world of women to dance their way to a great body. In this featured article, you'll see the DVD with Andrea on the cover, showcased with a photo of Lil Kim noticing her amazing abs.

What's most exciting for us at Xtend is the fact that the responses are so powerful, positive and uplifting to women (see right below the article) from new moms to women who are tired of the same old boring gym class.

It's getting more exciting as each day rolls out for our young company. Doing it right is exactly what we're about. Keep on our trail, you'll be inspired to dance your way thin and perhaps do a little Xtending yourself!

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