Wednesday, April 29, 2009

NEW Website

WOW! Andrea Rogers is an emerging fitness icon. Within just a month, she's managed to enlighten Renaissance Pilates students in Hoboken, NJ, accept several new studios within her program-and launch a hot new website. Fitness Editors from major sources are lining up to take their Xtend class to get their feel of the "burn." A new DVD set is also about to debut and soon, you can buy this fab DVD with Andrea right from her site.

Also look forward (if you're a licensee) to an online forum, over 39 exclusive fitness video tips and playlists to choose from for class.

Congratulations to

Thursday, April 23, 2009

New Devotee Shares Her "Fitness High" with us

Heather Ryan is 27. She works in NYC at a law firm and she's a busy businesswoman. She took advantage of the Xtend class being offered at Renaissance Pilates in Hoboken NJ last night and she was surprised at the "burn." Listen in as she tells us how she's going to return to Xtend classes and how it works better than the average gym scuplting classes.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Proof that Xtend works for guys too!

Andrea Rogers isn't just working out women across the country... Her Xtend method is proven for men too! And we don't just have any guy to tell us that Xtend works, we have Pro Golfer, Alexander M. Iguchi, PGA. Check out what he thinks... and for those guys who want to try Xtend, we dare you to come and experience the difference. (psst. you'll love it better than your gym results!) Hmmm, if we can get to golf, what other sports professionals can we shape up?

"Andrea Rogers and Xtend helped me increase my core strength, overall flexibility and stamina, vital elements for any professional golfer."

Friday, April 10, 2009

A Testimonial worth sharing...

Xtend was recently covered in the hottest new online magazine for dance and fitness, gendance. This morning, the publisher emailed us feedback that was sent to them regarding our article. This is a special thank you to the person that wrote this testimonial on our behalf to the gendance crew. Thank you for beleiving in our progam; and yes, your legs even quiver after 2 years! That's the Xtend difference. Way to go ladies, let's look great for the summer!



Dear gendance,

"I have been taking Xtend with Andrea for almost two years. I am totally hooked as it is my favorite workout of the week! I do many different types of workouts but this makes me feel like I am getting my abs from way deep inside! After all this time she is still able to work my legs till they quiver! am not a dancer or even very graceful but I leave the class feeling like I am a prima ballerina. Her energy is awesome! Xtend is the Best!"

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Xtend in the next gen of press

Andrea Rogers was covered editorially as a featured TREND in the leading online global dance magazine, gendance. Short for generation dance, this trenzine covers pop culture, dance, fitness and entertainment icons and legends. Her workout regime is being hailed as the "best body NOW" program and thousands of dancers and professional studios now have a prime example as to why she's the trend. Check out her feature here:

Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We're ready for our closeup

Andrea has just completed a special taping for all Xtend licensees. In our 'soon to launch' new website, we'll be featuring exclusive video tid-bits for teachers to refresh their Xtend moves. This section will be located within a private VIP section. Visit as often as you like, via Licensee password, and take advantage of free, video exposure with Andrea right there to guide you along. Need a lift before class, use these vids as your helpful hand.

On this VIP site, you will be psyched to know that we're including sample studio letters, nutrition tips, members only discounts from apparel and beauty companies, press releases that you can use to highlight this program in your community, as well as other benefits.
All licensees... tell us this: Are you excited yet? I bet you are. If you're not a licensee, and want to learn more, email us today at and let's get started on building the revenue plan for your location.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Sold Out Crowd! First Time Xtenders Applaud The Workout.

Today we hosted a sold-out crowd to Xtend newbies at Renaissance Pilates. Legs were shaking, women were sweating and the overall buzz on the street is that Xtend is challenging. More than 4 Pilates enthusiasts used the same word to describe this new program. The word"humbling" was ablaze among the woman that braved this new fitness regime. To be aware of your body is a joy that Xtend loyalists are learning, and with a sold-out crowd in the most elegant studio setting at Renaissance, we were able to capture futuristic thoughts about what's going to happen in months to come. We'll keep you posted as these leading ladies find their perfect body shape with founder, Danielle Buccellato at Renaissance Pilates, Hoboken, NJ.

Check out the end result here:

Xtend razzle dazzles Hoboken… and all that jazz

They say the stars shine on Broadway and that Hoboken is the home of Frank Sinatra. This weekend, we have proof that the stars are shining in Hoboken and there’s a new “ title” to include in this cozy little town… The home of the first Xtend teacher training studio on the east coast.

Xtend™ hit the trendy waterfront scene and Renaissance Pilates, opened its doors to Andrea Rogers. Danielle Buccellato, Renaissance founder, will be the first to implement the program in the NYC area.

She also welcomed Dance Captain of CHICAGO the musical, Gabriela Garcia, as she scoped out the Pilates and dance AMPlified regime. What did she think? Find out in this must-see video.

Three ladies, one town and a fitness boom to follow….

(photo credit, Randy Morrison)