Friday, June 12, 2009

Studio Letter-Get Yours

The time has come for all studios to realize their potential. Are you loosing clients that share your time with the gym? If you answer yes to this question, it may be a good idea to implement Xtend at your studio. Xtend can be viewed as "cardio Pilates" or even "boot camp" for Pilates. Either way, you have the chance to work their 'cores' and work their cardio at the same location-YOURS.

Our licensees take advantage of a VIP members only area where they can utilize and download specific marketing and PR tools that can lead to building their business. We're giving you a hint. Mostly all of these products are password protected, but the studio letter is one that isn't. Take a peek and see what you could be doing to get more from your clientelle.

Xtend is the TRUTH...

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