Sunday, June 28, 2009

A new-age workout for young aspiring dancers

Andrea Rogers gave an all-out stellar Xtend Master Class to several members of Broadway Dance Center tonight from 4:30 to 6pm. The class ranged from teen boys to a young 14 year old aspiring dancer who recently moved to NYC from Florida to pursue a career in dance to many women in their 20's who gave it their best with our new Xtend moves. This was our first opportunity to introduce the class to the open door of dance aficionados that hover the halls and dance their hearts out in this mega capital of stars-and it proved to be a success. Comments made after class include:

“Wow, you need to come here more often to teach,” and

“When are you coming again?”

“How can we get this class at BDC all the time,” and the classic,

“OMG! That was hard. Amazing, but hard.”

If you were in the class or were one of the dancers watching from the window, thank you for your interest and support and keep the good buzz going around BDC- we’d love to come back many times!

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