Wednesday, April 8, 2009

We're ready for our closeup

Andrea has just completed a special taping for all Xtend licensees. In our 'soon to launch' new website, we'll be featuring exclusive video tid-bits for teachers to refresh their Xtend moves. This section will be located within a private VIP section. Visit as often as you like, via Licensee password, and take advantage of free, video exposure with Andrea right there to guide you along. Need a lift before class, use these vids as your helpful hand.

On this VIP site, you will be psyched to know that we're including sample studio letters, nutrition tips, members only discounts from apparel and beauty companies, press releases that you can use to highlight this program in your community, as well as other benefits.
All licensees... tell us this: Are you excited yet? I bet you are. If you're not a licensee, and want to learn more, email us today at and let's get started on building the revenue plan for your location.

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