Friday, April 10, 2009

A Testimonial worth sharing...

Xtend was recently covered in the hottest new online magazine for dance and fitness, gendance. This morning, the publisher emailed us feedback that was sent to them regarding our article. This is a special thank you to the person that wrote this testimonial on our behalf to the gendance crew. Thank you for beleiving in our progam; and yes, your legs even quiver after 2 years! That's the Xtend difference. Way to go ladies, let's look great for the summer!



Dear gendance,

"I have been taking Xtend with Andrea for almost two years. I am totally hooked as it is my favorite workout of the week! I do many different types of workouts but this makes me feel like I am getting my abs from way deep inside! After all this time she is still able to work my legs till they quiver! am not a dancer or even very graceful but I leave the class feeling like I am a prima ballerina. Her energy is awesome! Xtend is the Best!"

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