Thursday, May 14, 2009

Press, press and MORE press

New Orleans Studio, Nola Pilates, heats up the beginning of summer with a hot press story on Xtend. Teachers, if you’re reading this, get excited about the benefits that Xtend can bring to your facility. Women are shaping up and feeling better than they did-even when they were back in college years. How? Xtend is an intense workout; hands down. Women get the ability to have a little bit of cardio mixed in with their Pilates routine, with a touch of dance. The news anchors in New Orleans certainly enjoyed this story. Medical Experts had this to say:

"... Body fat is on the surface and it also is within the muscle. But if you lose muscle fat then you have leaner muscle," said Dr. Kim Edward LeBlanc, the head of Family Medicine at LSU Health Sciences Center. And while there is no science about physically making a muscle longer, Xtend is doing something good for the muscle and entire body.

Wow! If you’re currently an Xtender, are you so excited to go to class today after reading this? And if you’re ready for a possible licensee program, or if you’re currently holding a license, get ready for a hot summer, take advantage of your sample press release from our website and work your magic!

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